Monday, July 13, 2015

The Raven (2012)

Mid 19th Century scenery and costumes are the best! Sometimes the best part of the movie, but not this movie. The Raven starring Jon Cusack as Edgar Alan Poe had a good story and started out pretty gory but got mysterious and suspenseful as it progressed. It was a pretty creative concept to dream up Poe's mysterious final days and find the mysterious cause of his physical and mental state when he was found ill and ranting in the street never to recover. 

After only seeing pictures of Poe, and not being anywhere near a Poe scholar, it was strange to imagine him so animated, but Cusack did such a good job of portraying him that he almost looked just like him. But I always imagined Poe as someone who spent time in parlors when not at a desk at work. Of course, it was extreme circumstances, but I wouldn't have imagined him chasing killers on horseback or on the catwalks of a theater. Neither would I imagine him as a very passionate lover or dancer either, but those were some pretty sweet scenes as well. I imagined him socially anxious and withdrawn even while drinking. 

Obviously, the whole movie was a fantasy, thank goodness because Ivan (Sam Hazeldine) the serial killer was so demented, he was terrifying! I had no idea how, or if, the mystery would be solved and was happy with how it all ended. What did you think?

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