Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dark Shadows: The Vampire's Curse, Part 2

This compilation of original Dark Shadows episodes that highlight the tragic love story of Barnabus (Jonathan Frid) and Josette (Kathryn Leigh Scott) and the history of Angelique's (Lara Parker) curse that transformed Barnabus into a vampire is so well done! It is so cool how just the episodes from Victoria Winters' (Alexandra Moltke) nightmarish trip back to 1795 that concentrate on Barnabus, Josette and Angelique were chosen to tell the story. Then the story jumps forward to 1967 with the shocked and terrified Willie Loomis (John Karlan) freeing Barnabus from his 172 year imprisonment.

The ill-fated love story of Barnabus and Josette is one of my favorites love stories. It's so haunting and heartbreaking. It's got to be one of the best love stories ever written and performed along with Heathcliff and Catherine of Wuthering Heights and Romeo and Juliet

What makes Barnabus and Josettte's story different than the others is the fact that they were kept apart by the powerful black magic of Angelique. That major difference is also what makes it so cool! Lovers eventually separated by death, by a jealous witch who won't allow them to be together even in death as Barnabus is cursed with eternal life. Now that's a powerful witch!

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