Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dark Shadows: Josette Loves Jeremiah

This cobweb is occupied!
"The cobweb of love will trap Josette."  This is part of the evil love spell that Angelique (Lara Parker) uses to set the love affair between Josette (Kathryn Leigh Scott) and Jeremiah (Anthony George) into motion. How deliciously dark that a love initialized with black magic should include a cobweb. Since cobwebs are usually something you need to clear away for purity and clarity, it's so fitting that the false love between Josette and Jeremiah should involve one.

Episode 373 which aired on November 29, 1967. Times and TV sure have changed! I'm thinking Jonathan Frid must have been on vacation for a few days as he's noticeably absent from these episodes. Barnabus is recuperating from his mysterious Angelique-induced illness where he can remain out of the storyline for a while. However, it's now Angelique's time to shine as we learn the extent of her powers as a witch and she puts her new slave, Ben Stokes, to work gathering everything she needs to cast the evil spell that causes Josette and Jeremiah  to become reluctantly irresistible to each other, so much so, that they trample all over their love and respect for Barnabus and helplessly fall together, unable to stay apart no matter how hard they try to resist.  

After Angelique recites "Josette Loves Jeremiah" three times, the spell is cast. Josette and Jeremiah can't stay apart any more than Ben can resist doing Angelique's dirty work.

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