Sunday, July 5, 2015

Oopsie Daisy! It's Demonic Toys (1992)

Full Moon Entertainment has an array of B movies for sale and streaming on their website, many of which fall into the horror/comedy genre. Back in the early 90s there was a movie rental store near my house that carried them all! Now we can watch most of them on Hulu which is where I've reacquainted myself with Demonic Toys. It stars Tracy Scoggins (The Colbys) as pregnant Officer Judith, the targeted victim of a demon who wants to be born in her baby's body so he can perform demonic deeds from inside a human body. Having to animate dolls to serve as his minions uses all of his energy and his actions are understandably limited. He could do way more damage with his own human body and he'd be able to leave the warehouse where he happens to be trapped. 

Baby Oopsie Daisy is the only one of the toys with language skills and spews some pretty amusing profanity laced lines. Baby Oopsie Daisy is also pretty skilled with weapons while a rabid-looking teddy bear that looks more like a toothy wolf with bear ears is pretty handy with a bat. The other toys mostly just bite their victims to death except for a robot with guns for arms.

The low budget props are just as funny as the animated evil dolls and some of the dialogue. The stop motion animation is really good throughout the movie so we're lucky the demon was trapped in a toy warehouse and not a warehouse full of something less entertaining like pianos.

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