Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Lost Boys: More 80s Movie Fun

It's fun to watch a movie like The Lost boys that I haven't seen in twenty years or more. Part of the fun is noticing how I perceive things so much differently now with twenty more years of life in my head, in addition to the changes in society and values over time that alter my perceptions. Another part of the fun is the relief that some things haven't changed at all and probably won't. Like Michael's (Jason Patric) caving to peer pressure and his "sex glands" as his brother Sam (Corey Haim) tells him when he becomes obsessed with Star (Jamie Gertz).

Another example, I do not remember Jason Patric being so overwhelmingly gorgeous! Really. They didn't have to keep shoving the Jim Morrison poster in the shot with him when they were in the cave. Was the movie implying that Jim Morrison is also immortal and ageless? I am a Jim Morrison fan, but Jason Patric is better looking, and also alive. Or, is Jim Morrison a vampire masquerading as Jason Patric?? I'm sure there was all kinds of talk about the connection at the time the movie came out, but that's the fun of reviewing movies, books, etc. I don't let anything except the piece of art itself influence my review. And, I don't remember all the talk and gossip about the movie at the time of its release.

The special effects and vampire makeup were really good for that era. The vampire make up reminded me of the vampires in the TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Were the same artists involved? I was happy to see the two Corey's again. I always liked Corey Feldman for some reason, maybe because of the characters he played. I didn't watch any of his reality work, mostly because I don't watch reality shows. 

I especially liked the 80s freedom and fun factor in the movie. Of course, they hung out on a happening boardwalk with an amusement park where every day was fun, fun, fun! The vampires even lived in a resort, broken and decaying, but still a resort. I guess that's the best part of being immortal and never growing old; no worries. As David (Kiefer Sutherland) tells Michael, "You never die. You never grow old. But you must feed!"

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