Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dark Shadows: You Shall Be My Slave!

After watching all the Dark Shadows episodes available on Hulu, I resorted to my painfully small personal collection hoping for more. Wouldn't you know the two DVD collections that I own contain episodes already offered on Hulu? I started the collection back when SciFi Channel was showing the series every day and then it was suddenly, without warning, dropped before the entire series was shown. After buying the two collections I never finished collecting as life happened, things got weird and I was distracted with other pressing matters.

After all these decades, Dark Shadows is still one of my favorite shows, probably my all-time favorite. My mother used to watch it on TV and she would let me watch it if the storyline wasn't too gruesome or graphic. I was banned from the show for quite a while as she wielded her parental discretion before that was an official TV/movie thing. Several years ago she did take me to a Dark Shadows Festival in New York which more than made up for, what I believed at the time, her over protective behavior. It was great and even Jonathan Frid attended, and if I'm not mistaken, for the first time.

Anyway, I figured you can't get too much Dark Shadows and decided to watch my collection as a study to determine which episodes I still need to acquire. The first episode in Collection 5 from MPI Home Video is Episode 372 when Victoria Winters is trapped in 1795 and meets Ben Stokes. Ben Stokes is also introduced to Angelique, Josette's humble maid, in this episode, who hints that she might be interested in his body. Confused, yet hopeful, he trusts her when she offers him a drink that might lead to some fun between the sheets. Instead, after enthusiastically guzzling it in one gulp so they can get on with the good stuff, he needs to sit down as the evil potion causes him to feel strange. Angelique smugly explains the cause of his strange sensation: "Your will is my will. You shall do whatever I tell you to do. You shall be my slave!"

Yes, Angelique did want Ben's strong useful body, but not for sex!

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