Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dark Shadows: The Vampire Curse, Part 1

Can we still be friends? This is what Barnabus asks Angelique THREE TIMES after she tries to reignite the steamy affair that they carried on in Martinique before his engagement to Josette. He asks her that the first time after explaining that he loves Josette and doesn't love her. He admits to uttering some words of love to Angelique when they were in the throes of passion and still has difficulty keeping his hands off of her when he visits her in her room to confirm that she understands that it's over between them. His lust for her is still so strong that he tells her that from now on they will make sure they never find themselves alone together anywhere. Then he again makes his offer of friendship. 

Once the engagement between Josette and Barnabus is off and Barnabus is single again, Angelique again tries to arrange a romantic rendezvous in her room, but Barnabus blows her off. When she asks him why later, he explains that he still loves Josette and once again, for the third time, asks Angelique if they can still be friends. 

No wonder she wants to make him suffer!

It's bad enough that he dumps her for her boss and then plays kissy-face with Josette while Angelique is in the room. He has total disregard for Angelique's feelings and tosses her away like an old toy. Then to add salt to Angelique's wound asks if they can still be friends. Barnabus is going to be sorry he messed with the help!

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