Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dollman (1991): He's A Living Doll

I have to admire the creativity of Charles Band, the creative mind behind the Full Moon movies. As I mentioned in my post about the movie Demonic Toys, Full Moon Direct has all their great B movies for sale or available to stream on their website. I know great B movies might sound contradictory, but I do love B movies, especially with that 80s flair. And Full Moon Entertainment delivers.

Dollman (also available on Hulu) stars the talented Tim Thomerson as Brick Bardo, a doll-sized Dirty Harry, a cop on his home planet Arturos who blasts away bad guys with his powerful gun, getting suspended from the job along the way. His arch enemy Sprug, a villian who wants to take over the world, is reduced to only a hovering head as Bardo blasts off each remaining body part at each confrontation over the years.

Bardo pursues Sprug into an "energy band" which lands them both in the South Bronx where they meet a psycho gang leader and the woman who is determined to rid crime from the neighborhood. The circumstances that cause Sprug's demise is nasty funny. You have to see it for yourself. 

Admittedly, this movie is more sci-fi/comedy than gothic. Brick Bardo does don a long coat and dark glasses, so I'm stretching it into the catagory, mostly because Full Moon does horror and I'm a big fan of Full Moon and Tim Thomerson. 

The best 80s moment in Dollman is at the beginning when a criminal takes hostages in a laundrymat on Arturos, which is exactly like the United States except all the people are the size of Barbie dolls. The criminal ties a bunch of heavy-set women together threatening to shoot all the "fat ladies."  Ah, the 80s when fat people were fat and scumbags were allowed to say it publicly. The politically correct 90s censored the word fat when it referred to people. Employers and the fashion world continued to discriminate against large people, but the word fat was banned unless the conversation involved meat.

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