Monday, August 10, 2015

Pantera, Cemetery Gates (1990)

Listening to the Pantera album Cowboys From Hell yesterday morning as I performed my Sunday slave labor (chores that are too time and energy consuming to be done during the work week), I was reminded that this is a GREAT album and Cemetery Gates is one of the best metal songs ever produced. I hadn't listened to the album in quite some time, maybe a year or so, but wanted to hear it because the night bugs outside my window reminded me of the last minute or so of the song Domination from the same album. 

When I first got the album back in the 90s, I would play Cemetery Gates over and over. It was so good I couldn't get enough of it. Then I had babies and had to put the tunes aside for the most part. Now in modern times, I have it on my iPod so I can listen to it anywhere, like out in the yard. It helps set the pace for snow shoveling, leaf raking, etc., hours of fun and great for the abs!

It's a nicely Gothic song, taking place in the cemetery where the gates are usually that beautiful wrought iron that is so expensive. A few years ago, when a loved one died, I had a strong urge to stay with him in the cemetery forever, just jump in the grave and pull the earth in around us, but then I realized I had to move on, just like the song says, and pass the cemetery gates. It's amazing how you can just keep living with a big chunk torn out of your heart. But bodies are buried and the spirits live on.

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