Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dark Shadows: Naomi Collins Gets a Big Surprise

Tarot cards are really cool and mysterious, but I soon gave up trying to read them after a few failed attempts. I'm sure it takes more than a few tries to get it right, but my interpretations didn't pan out at all. In Episode 376 The Countess (Grayson Hall) reads the cards for Naomi Collins, (Joan Bennett) but the cards show nothing but betrayal and disaster for the Collins family. 

Later that night as Naomi slumbers, she has a dream about the cards and the voice of The Countess lures her out of bed to learn who in the family will be betrayed. Out in the hallway she finds Jeremiah (Anthony George) in a trance-like state and follows him downstairs to find him in the arms of a mysterious woman with a pitchfork tattooed on her hand. The voice of The Countess exclaims that the woman has the mark on the devil on her hand. As Naomi confronts Jeremiah and demands to know who the woman is, Jeremiah protects his lover's identity and insists that Naomi return to her bedroom. 

When Naomi refuses and grabs the woman's arm, it comes off in her hand! Obviously, it's a manikin arm, but I think it's supposed to be real as the shoulder end is painted red as though Naomi ripped the arm from the woman's shoulder. Naomi calls out in shock as she stares at the disembodied arm in her hand. How nasty!

 I'm a big believer in the importance of dreams and spent quite some time studying my own and researching how to interpret dreams. I've had some really elaborate, intense and detailed dreams myself over the years; particularly in the years right after my father died and then my grandmother. They were very meaningful and helpful dreams that truly improved my life and my understanding of life in general. Somehow I can tell when a dream is just a rehash for my brain to reset itself for the new day ahead and when a dream is a communication from my inner self or from The Universe or perhaps someone who is no longer with me in the flesh here in the material world.

I wonder who it really was that brought that dream to Naomi. Was it a helpful spirit using the voice of The Countess or an enemy of the evil Angelique, the witch responsible for bringing disaster to the Collins family?

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