Friday, August 7, 2015

Dracula: An Agony of Delightful Anticipation

I really like the detailed descriptions and the contradicting emotions of fear and ecstatic anticipation used in this scene where Jonathan Harker defies Count Dracula's instruction to never fall asleep anywhere in the castle except his own secure room and is found by the three lady vampires. The vampires are just about to feast on Harker's blood when the count comes to the rescue and Harker overhears him tell the ladies that they will get their chance once he is no longer useful to the count.

There's a paragraph where the two darker vampires encourage the blonde vampire to help herself to Jonathan Harker because, for some reason, they tell her she has the right to begin. This entire paragraph is very erotic and could be a description of the anticipation of a blow job rather than a bite on the neck. Harker describes the vampire's  breath and his tingling nerves as she drops to her knees and arches her neck. He goes on to describe her red lips and tongue as she moves lower and lower.

I wonder if this was a shocking piece of erotica back in the 19th Century when it was published. He waited in ecstasy with beating heart, but that's when the count flew in and swept the women away from Harker, enraged that they disobeyed his order to stay away from him.

Stoker had a real flare for detail as he described details like the dust on the floor and the breath of the vampire as Harker smelled it and felt it on his aroused skin. This is where the story starts to get exciting!

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