Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cool Vendors at Connecticut Comicon

Vendors are my favorite attraction at any comicon, although celebrities and cosplayers are worth seeing as well. There weren't many celebrities at this convention which focused primarily on comic books and comic book artists. It amazes me how good the artists are and I admire them for making a living at what they love to do. I don't think many people can.

Freaky & Elegant's booth

There were a couple of vendors that I haven't seen before. The first one is a talented craft peddler called Freaky & Elegant, which is a good description of their wares. They sell jewelry, embroidered masks, etched beer mugs, and other cool stuff., ?commission? in the subject line

The second is a kind of mysterious artist as her business card doesn't contain any online info except an email address for commissioned work. Besides what's in the picture above, she's a digital artist who makes small prints, books and sketches. It was her handmade dolls and their miniature house that caught my eye. They appeal to my sudden mysterious attraction to dolls. She does some really nice work. Does anyone know this artist?

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