Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dark Shadows: Angelique Transforms Joshua into a Cat!

Ben and Angelique have a lot of fun in Episode 378 as they put their heads together to keep Jeremiah from leaving town and spoiling Angelique's scheme of having him fall in love with Josette and prevent Josette and Barnabus from marrying.

Ben hates doing Angelique's dirty work because he wants to be loyal to Barnabus and Jeremiah, but when Angelique decides to turn her black magic toward the cruel patriarch, Joshua Collins, Ben is all for it. 

It's funny when they sit in Angelique's room deciding what she will transform Joshua into that will make the family believe he is missing and cause Jeremiah to cancel his travels and stay home to fill in for Joshua at work.Ben wants Joshua to become a jackass so he can force him to clear rocks from the property and whip him to move faster. He'd love to have revenge for all the harsh working conditions Joshua has forced on him in the past. 

Ben laughs and laughs (I love his laugh!) while Angelique admires her handiwork as they look at the clay cat Angelique shaped. At the same time Jeremiah turns from the window while speaking to Joshua to find Joshua has disappeared and there's a strange cat in his place!

If Joshua Collins was my domineering and dictator older brother, I'd be glad to be rid of him myself. Does anyone in the house actually like him?

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