Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dark Shadows: Victoria Winters Grabs A Shovel

Everyone who lives in the Collins house in 1795 is curious about Victoria's mysterious introduction to the family in her strange (1960s) clothes and apparent amnesia, but when inexplicable things start to happen in the house, she figuratively grabs a shovel and starts to dig her own grave. 

In Episode 379 the countess is convinced there is evil at work in the house after Joshua Collins vanishes and who more convenient to suspect as the practicing witch than Victoria Winters? Victoria, in her attempt to put the family's needs before her own, emphatically tells Barnabus that his father will return. Unfortunately, she says this when the countess is in the room, further convincing her that Victoria is the source of evil in the house. How else could she sound so certain? 

Earlier the countess questions Miss Winters about her background and remarks at Miss Winters' nervousness. Even with Nathan Forbes' warning of the countess's suspicions, Victoria moves the countess's tarot cards into a position to warn her about Josette and Jeremiah's impending elopement. In her desperate attempt to change the family's tragic future, she ensures her own doom.

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