Wednesday, September 23, 2015

World War Z (2013)

If you want to stream World War Z on Netflix, make haste, you only have until September 30. I watched it last night and found that zombies that can run are far more horrifying than the stereotypical slow but steady stumbling type. Can you imagine even one of them running at you? They were really strong too! There were some really suspenseful scenes as well as all out run-for-your-life scenes, which were pretty exciting too. Staring at Brad Pitt for two hours is its own kind of excitement.

However, not having read the novel, I couldn't compare it to the movie, but kept thinking that the book must be so much better than the movie. It usually is. The movie seemed more like a succession of action and suspense rather than actual story and plot. Some background on Reggie and why he and his wife were so adamant about him NOT working for the UN again would have been nice. PTSD? He seemed fine when they were reunited in Nova Scotia so, evidently, the hell he endured in his search for an answer, cause or cure for the zombie disease must have been equal to or less than his past experiences as a UN envoy. And what did his wife do before they settled down to raise a family? She was pretty darn confident and knowledgeable about the use of flares, how to loot and how to survive in an environment of anarchy and lawlessness. 

Like so many movies based on novels, it made me want to read the book!

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