Friday, September 11, 2015

Dracula: Modern Technology

Mina Harker transcribed all of her journal entries written in the shorthand she and Jonathan used in their correspondence with each other. She used a typewriter to get it done and make copies for Van Helsing, Seward and Morris to share all the info they had collected about the evil Count Dracula. Mina was a really bright woman who could get things done and use the newest technology to do so. It's strange to think that the typewriter was a new tool and that it wasn't a common piece of equipment like a computer is to us, making the typewriter obsolete. Have you tried using a typewriter lately? What a pain! All that erasing and no copy and paste function.

However, tech savvy and smart Mina is with her typewriter, she's surprised and amazed when she finds Dr. Seward dictating on his phonograph. She comments that she's heard of them, but never seen one before. She's thrilled to witness Seward's demonstration of his phonograph and is eager to learn how it works. Imagine how excited she'd be if she could learn about all the technological gadgets we use these days!

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