Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dracula: An Evil Genius

One would have to be an evil genius to make himself so feared that many generations of an entire population of a region would be too afraid to organize and rid themselves of its horrible presence. Dracula seems to be able to stalk and murder the townspeople without consequence. The one desperately brave mother who pursues Dracula to his castle in an attempt to save her child, is instantly killed as well, silencing the only voice that spoke out against him.

Even in broad daylight would you enter the vampire's lair?

Van Helsing learns that Dracula is thousands of years old, having had direct relations with the devil himself as a scholar in the Scholomance, learning everything evil that the devil had to offer. The Scholomance was the devil's academy for everything magic and dark. Here's a good article on The Scholomance by Jason Colavito. This is where Dracula apparently learned all of his powerful skills that have allowed him to victimize the human population at will while keeping them too terrified to risk an attempt at exterminating him.

Even Jonathan Harker, staring straight into Dracula's face as he rested in his coffin, couldn't bring himself to destroy him as he lay there totally vulnerable, knowing that Dracula had plans to kill him.

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