Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Walking Dead: Season 5: Conquer

I was really afraid this was the end for Glenn. Of all the near death situations he's been in, I didn't want him to be killed by that weasely worm, Nicholas. It would have been better if Nicholas and Gabriel both got the ax. Gabriel is the most selfish, weakest loser they've come in contact with. Plus, he killed two walkers without getting a speck of blood on his white shirt. His only talent. He's supposed to be a shepherd, but he only thinks of himself and doesn't learn from his mistakes, even mistakes so horrific that he can't live with them. After leaving Alexandria's gate wide open, he was going to commit suicide-by-Sasha with no consideration of what that would do to her vulnerable grieving mind. You have to hand it to Maggie for not kicking his ass.

Season 5 was Carol's season. She gets better with each season. Carol started the season by rescuing the group from Terminus, and ended it with her superior strategy techniques in Alexandria. The terrifying threat she made to Sam was like a creepy fairy tale, only true! Then she confronted Pete the wife beater with a casserole in her arms and knife at his throat. That was great! Then she puts on an attitude of meekness and sweetness at the town meeting. 

What a season finale too! I was so shocked at Reg's torturous death at the hands of that nut Pete and poor Deanna helplessly holding Reg in her arms as he died, that I sobbed harder than when Rick and Carl were reunited with Judith at the season's start.

I want to see Season 6 so bad, I'm tempted to get cable again. I was pretty spoiled introducing myself to The Walking Dead after Season 4 was already posted on Netflix, so after becoming hooked during the very first episode of Season 1, I power-watched all four seasons. Luckily, my daughter's friend bought Season 5 on DVD and lent it to me after watching it herself. 

Season 6 begins on October 11. Even that small length of time seems like an eternity! Never mind having to wait until the season ends and comes out on DVD. A year from now?

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