Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Richard Chase: The Vampire of Sacramento

According to, today is the anniversary of the 1978 murders of Evelyn Miroth, Miroth's 6-year-old son and Daniel Meredith by the serial killer nicknamed "The Vampire of Sacramento." The Wikipedia article on Richard Chase also claims Chase murdered Miroth's 22-month-old nephew during the killing spree. After learning about this guy, the medical society as well as the justice  people should have been using him as an example to keep the psychiatric hospitals open instead of closing them down. 

This guy was a prime example of total psychos not being able to follow doctor's orders regarding daily medication schedules. Not even a close relative should be given the responsibility of making sure the nut takes his meds. He was totally out of touch with any hint of reality making everyone within his immediate vicinity a potential victim and putting them in extreme danger. He never should have been let out of the psych hospital. Apparently, a doctor felt he was tamed enough to re-enter society. Maybe he just didn't have health insurance.

Chase was like the modern day Elizabeth Bathory covering himself in his victims' blood (mostly women's blood) and mutilating the women's corpses. Chase mutilated his victims after killing them, where legend has it Bathory mutilated her victims before killing them. At least when they were finally brought to justice, they were locked up permanently. 

This guy is one of the most creepiest of creepers. It gave me the creeps reading about him and it's surprising that I don't remember hearing about him before, even though he's been portrayed or at least mentioned on TV and in movies. Or maybe he was so freaky I mentally blocked him out of my memory!

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