Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)

Other than the fact that Christopher Lambert (Connor MacLeod) and Sean Connery (Ramirez) returned in their roles as immortals and the story continued the prophecy that "there can be only one," Highlander II really had nothing to do with the original Highlander movie. 

Instead of a sword and sorcery legend of a reluctant hero like the original movie, Highlander II was more science fiction with way more fiction than science. In fact, the story seemed like it was devised by someone who never paid attention in science class and written by someone who never learned the fundamentals of composition. I know I watched this movie once in the early 90s when it was released on VHS, but I barely remember any of it except the first two immortals sent to Earth to do away with MacLeod and General Katana (Michael Ironside) as the villain.

The story didn't make much sense and the plot kept going off in weird directions that kept making me wonder if I'd dozed off and missed something important that tied one scene to another. 

One good thing about this movie is that it was still, in my opinion, an 80s movie with 80s costumes, hair and make-up and clicking computer keyboards. It had the atmosphere and qualities of an 80s B movie where the aliens fell to Earth speaking in English pop cultural quips and everyone was Christian, even the aliens. Katana tells MacLeod that he'd fight him, but they are in a place of worship and a rule of the immortals is no fighting on sacred ground.  Virginia Madsen (Louise Marcus) was the head of a scientific corporation but every scene she was in portrayed her as a sex object who used her good looks, not her intellect, to get her way. 

I don't think I'd bother watching this movie again since there are much better Highlander movies to see instead.

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