Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dark Shadows: Interrupted Voyage, Continued

That Barnabus Collins is so clever! I was afraid he was doomed to burn at the stake, mistaken for a demon from hell by the blood thirsty residents of Salem, but he not only saved himself, but the soul of an innocent man trapped under an evil witch's spell.

 As I mentioned in a previous post,  I received Interrupted Voyage for Christmas which is a 2012 reprint of the original Dark Shadows Digest book published by Hermes Press, written by D. J. Arneson and illustrated by Joe Certa. The original was published in 1970 by Gold Key Comics.

Calandra ,a witch who is extremely expert in the practice of black magic has taken the fiance of Anabella, a distant cousin of Barnabus' as her slave in Salem, Massachusetts, while poor Annabella's ghost haunts Collinwood waiting for her fiance to die and join her. Her sad story lures Barnabus into volunteering to help her find her fiance, Michael, and free his soul from the evil witch.

The display of powers Calandra uses during the story are pretty cool, yet evil. She casts spells that enslaves Michael, that show her Barnabus' past as a vampire and even brings Angelique back to Salem as a weapon to kill Barnabus. Of course, Barnabus outwits Calandra and barely escapes Angelique to bring the story to a happy ending.

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