Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Highlander III: The Final Dimension (1994)

Thankfully, Highlander III (also titled The Sorcerer as well as The Final Dimension) is a much better sequel to the original Highlander movie than Highlander II: The Quickening. In fact, I'm pretty sure in the 90s I mentally deleted Highlander II from the series once Highlander III was released. However, my memory didn't retain the details of the third movie any better than it did the second, no matter how much better the third movie was. It was more than twenty years ago, so I consider that's an acceptable memory lapse. 

On the other hand, Highlander III was almost too much like Highlander with the wild chase scene where in the original movie The Kurgan (Clancy Brown) terrorizes his kidnapped victim with his game of traffic chicken. In the third movie Kane (Mario Van Peebles) also terrorizes his kidnapped victim with the same exact tactics. Both victims are MacLeod's most cherished loved ones, which logically makes them the number one victims of choice for the villains. 

Also, both movies end with Connor MacLeod (Christoper Lambert) returning to his native Scotland with his newly acquired lover who happily sacrifices her life and career to live out the rest of her days with MacLeod who has won The Prize and can now age and die naturally. The only difference in the third movie is he has an adopted son who makes the family a threesome. 

While the second movie was nothing like the first and was a mixed up mess of a movie, the third, although much better in regard to plot and logical composition, was almost too representative of the original movie. However, I'm thankful that the third movie was created to raise my Highlander appreciation back up to the level it was after seeing the original movie.

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