Friday, January 8, 2016

Behind Green Lights (1946)

Silence, the dark of night and a corpse delivered to the police station in a mysteriously gliding car. The only sound on the street is the tires rolling on the wet pavement until the curb brings the car to a stop; then silence. The car is as dead as its occupant. That's where the mystery begins for the police led by Lieutenant Carson (William Gargan) in Behind Green Lights.

Silence and the dark are so creepy! Almost as creepy as the darkness that can be found in some sleazy people who are low-life snakes, victimizing others for their own gain. The mysteries in the darkness, the immoral or even criminal people creating the mysteries and the decent people looking for justice and truth can be found in the film noir movies of the 1940s and 1950s. 

Behind Green Lights is a free movie from the Internet Archive and is definitely worth seeing. The story was good with plot twists and an unpredictable ending, and also just for the darkness and creepiness as scenes take place in the dank depths of the city morgue, a corpse is stuffed into a closet and. of course, the driver-less car rolling down the street with a corpse on the front seat.

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