Sunday, March 22, 2015

Walking Dead Season 4: Reunions of Joy

After the devastating battle at the prison The Group was separated and scattered, no one knowing who was alive or dead unless they were lucky enough to be together. If nothing else this season really drives home the luxury of communication devices that we take for granted every day. They have to decide whether they should waste precious time and energy looking for the others, when chances are, they're all dead or move on with their lives and find a new means of survival on their own. 

I needed a tissue when Michonne, after walking alone through the woods surrounded by walkers decided to track Rick and Carl whose footprints she had seen in the mud earlier. When she found them at the end of the episode I had to reach for the tissue big time. 

Hope was dancing in the air for me when we are following Tyrese, Lizzy and Mica through the woods and Tyrese turns to expose little Judith riding along unscathed like a little papoose. It would have been too obvious and corny if they had named her Hope but she seems like a symbol of hope for the future; innocence and purity in a world of filth, cruelty, pain and horror. Soon after, Carol turns up to rescue the girls from a walker in the woods. How she turned up there in the woods at just the right time, I don't know, but I'm glad she did! She mentioned following them from the prison where she watched the battle rage.

But the best reunion of all was between Glenn and Maggie! Maggie so desperately believed that Glenn was alive and would follow her bloody messages to Terminus. Glenn, refused to be convinced by anyone that all odds pointed toward Maggie being dead and moved on relentlessly and tirelessly in search of her. When they were finally reunited in the railroad tunnel full of massacred walkers it was once again time for tissue! I think that might have been the best lovers reunion since Luke and Laura on General Hospital in 1983. I'm looking forward to seeing Rick, Carl and Judith reunited in Season 5!

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