Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Walking Dead: Guillermo and Felipe
Something I like to do while watching The Walking Dead (I'm about halfway through Season 2) is to notice how the apocalypse has effected the characters' values and personalities. I'm sure a lot of other fans must do the same thing because it seems like the writers focus pretty nicely on it. The first people who really made a big impression on me were Guillermo and Felipe in Season 1, Episode 4. At first they seemed like ruthless thugs when they took Glenn hostage and Rick desperately tried to devise a way to rescue him without having to hand over the bag of guns they were competing over. 

When Abuela came wandering out looking for Felipe I was kind of confused about her presence but then was impressed with the respect the men showed to her as she interrupted a very intense standoff. I assumed they would consider her an annoying pain in the butt, but instead they were very attentive and respectful toward her and finally, on Abuela's gentle insistence, backed down led their "enemies" straight into their safe house.

What a surprise to find they were protecting helpless elderly nursing home patients who had been abandoned by the staff who had either been killed or ran away! I felt that Guillermo and Felipe must be earth angels or saints or something to that effect to be so compassionate and caring to sacrifice their lives to care for and protect the lives of these elderly patients. They could have escaped with the other employees, but chose to stay instead.

I don't know if I would have done the same thing.

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