Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 4: Fun Fight Scenes

There were so many loses in Season 4, especially the loss of Hershel and the prison and Rick's odd expulsion of Carol (I was so happy when she returned!), but there were also some fun fight scenes. I'm a peace lover so I'm not a fan of wars, battles, or fights; however, I accept that sometimes they're necessary, especially on TV. 

I could not stand The Governor aka Philip aka Brian or whatever name he's using. I really wanted Merle to be the one to kill him in Season 3 since Andrea couldn't bring herself to do it, but evil dies hard on TV and movies, living on to cause good people more pain and anguish before finally being put to rest. Even our hero Rick was overpowered and almost murdered at his evil hands. Finally, Michonne and Lily ended his reign of evil terror for the remainder of Season 4.

While all that violence was taking place in the yard, the jerky guy with the tank was up by the building in an attempt to kill the entire cast. My favorite scene from the tank area was when Daryl, using a walker corpse as a shield, fought his way to the tank's cannon and tossed a grenade inside. That was such a cool move! Jerky guy wasn't so arrogant without the shelter of his giant tank and received his just desserts. 

Much later in the season while Rick, Carl and Michonne were making their way toward Terminus, they were accosted by Joe and his ornery band of losers who Daryl had reluctantly joined after losing Beth. For a bunch of hapless thugs they did a good job of tracking Rick down to avenge the guy that Rick had to kill to escape the rest of them undetected and warn Carl and Michonne away from the house. As scumbag lowlife (yet cute) Joe explained to Rick that they would rape and kill Carl and Michonne before killing him, Rick fell into one of his eye-rolling psychotic states and gave Joe a reverse head butt that gave them all the chance to fight for their lives. During the fight, Rick, while still handcuffed and weaponless used the only weapon he had, his teeth, and took a huge bite out of Joe's neck sending blood gushing from Joe's grubby neck and killing him almost instantly. That was both the nastiest and coolest fight scene of the season. After that they neatly took out the rest of the bad guys making the horrific, zombie infested world a slightly better place.

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