Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 3: The Governor 's Invitation vs A Job Offer

When Andrea and Michonne were "rescued" by the Governor's crew and given medical care and offered a place to rest and recuperate, I knew it had to be a bad deal. There was something creepy and dishonest about the handsome Governor. He was too friendly and easy-going, like a predator luring in his victim. He reminded me of a manager offering a job that seems to good to be true. When I was young and inexperienced I fell for that, but only once.This is how it goes:

The invitation: "We have a safe secure community with health care, utilities, warm beds and high walls." Or something to that effect. He insists they are free to go and to stay would be their choice. He assures them that they'll fit right in. Andrea, always giving her loyalty to the wrong people (Shane and the Governor) and pushing away her true friends (Dale and Michonne) eats it right up. She never learns or she just believes what she wants to believe.

The invitation reminded me of this:

The job offer: "We're a growing company with a lot of opportunity for someone with your skill set. If you decide to come grow with us, I see no reason why you won't advance and share in the profit that's in our future going forward." Business people always find a way to use the phrases "going forward" and "reach out" whenever they can.

The reality: You get hired and the guy doesn't even remember your name let alone give you the time of day. When you tell your new coworkers what he said during the job offer, they laugh and tell you it was line of bull. Then they regale you with stories of their own screwings by the boss to back up their statement. When you go see the boss and remind him of what he promised you in the interview, he tells you that you're lucky to have a job and no one is indispensable. He might even accuse you of not living up to YOUR promises.

Now you've left your last job, which wasn't as bad as this and your former position has already been filled. When the boss acts too enthusiastic to see you and overly friendly for the situation, don't accept the offer. Run away.

Michonne, in her great capacity for reading people, knew right away that this guy was trouble. I thought Andrea was never going to accept The Governor for what he really is. Even after Michonne exposed him to her and the evidence was in her face and under her feet and in his arms (dead zombie Penny), she talked herself out of running for her life. How arrogant of her to think she could mediate a cease fire between The Governor and Rick and avoid more deaths. As a former lawyer she should have known you can't reason with a nut job. I was surprised she lived as long as she did.

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