Saturday, May 2, 2015

Tucker and Dale vs Evil: A Pleasantly Bloody Surprise
Browsing movies on is a really fun way to procrastinate. It's also a good way to find something cool that you didn't know existed. At first I was searching for something dark and gothic, but decided it was Saturday night and felt like being jolly and wanted a comedy. Searching "horror comedy" got me a handful of movie options including Tucker and Dale vs Evil starring Tyler Labine as Dale. I've been enjoying his recent work in Deadbeat on Hulu so was curious to check out some of his other work. 

At first I thought it would be another tired horror movie about college kids going camping and being gruesomely murdered one by one when the story was set up in a ghost story around the campfire about college kids being attacked and murdered "on that very spot twenty years earlier to the day." I began to suspect that I was wasting my time with this movie, but realized the two guys also vacationing in the area (Tucker and Dale) did not fit into that mold. As Tucker and Dale settled into their new "vacation home" in the woods, the comedy ramped up in unexpected ways as the usual slasher story did a hilarious flip flop.

I won't spoil it for you but I will list the talent. In addition to Tyler Labine, Tucker is played by Alan Tudyk (Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Firefly) and Christie Liang (Once Upon a Time) as Naomi. Also, the movie was directed and written by Eli Craig who directed Zombieland: The Series, a failed pilot with good intentions. Zombieland, the 2009 movie, is one of my favorite comedy horror movies that I've seen many times, so far. 

Tucker and Dale vs Evil is a fresh, funny movie with some really gruesome scenes as well. The writing is sharp with some good one-liners. I will definitely want to watch this again.

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