Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road: Buckle Up

You better be ready for non-stop action, horrific warlords, crazy warriors bred for terror, and the coolest, most damaged heroes ever. I was still glued to my seat while the credits rolled in awe of the intensity of the movie and had to take a minute to collect myself before leaving the theater. The vehicles were bigger and faster and stronger and more ominous than any at the monster truck shows, the costumes and make up were designed with purpose to show status and to identify just whose "team" each player belonged. The skulls, the stitches, the black around the eyes. Metal skulls adorned everything, from clothing to steering wheels, to vehicles. Just about everything was worked in metal and destroyed with fire power.

I'm looking forward to seeing some people cosplaying the characters at the local comicons. I"m also looking forward to a sequel.

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