Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Morticia Addams, a Goth Classic

In 1964 while Samantha Stevens was keeping her gothic identity a secret and Lily Munster was doting on her Hermie, Morticia Addams (Carolyn Jones) was providing girls with a gothic role model of intelligent, confident, self-possessed womanhood. When I was a kid watching reruns of The Addams Family I remember telling my mother I wanted to be just like Morticia and wear a cool dress like hers. My mother thought I was nuts because the narrowness around the ankles made the dress difficult to walk. I don't think fantasy was my mother's strong suit. 

I loved the peacock chair she had that resembled a throne and made her look like a gothic queen. Her adoring husband Gomez (John Astin) would entertain her with his silly stunts while she knit the never-ending scarf or whatever it was. Then they would fence or tango while Gomez's fiery passion for her would be ignited anew. She was loved and respected by everyone in the house and never had to raise her voice. Only on TV!

I think she may have been the first portrayal of a witch, or witch-like woman, who was pretty and not a wart-nosed cackling hag. Of course, she wasn't evil either. She may have been strange and slightly spooky but she had a kind heart toward her extended family and was gracious to strangers as well.She was everything a young girl could hope for in a role model.

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