Monday, February 15, 2016

The Last Witch Hunter (2015)

Within a dark gloomy atmosphere, there were some cool visual effects using light and color, such as the bright flames as the witch hunters stormed the witch queen's dark lair under the craggy, ominous tree. The street scene where Dolan 37 (Elijah Wood) was standing glowed with the reflection of lights from signs. Any place belonging to the church was warmly lit where the outside world and the mysterious places where witches or dark magic were present were dark and gloomy.

Vin Diesel isn't the greatest actor in the world, but I think even he was subdued and bland as Kaulder, the witch hunter who is unable to die. He's not immortal because of his destiny or his calling, but because he was cursed by the witch queen with eternal life. It's not like he's immortal in order to protect the world from witches throughout eternity. That would have been cool. He's immortal because of an affliction beyond his control. I think I was hoping for Riddick: The Last Witch Hunter.

The story itself held promise to me. I liked witch Chloe's (Rose Leslie) dream walking ability. That's a pretty cool talent which came in handy along with her other related skills and knowledge. It was cool that after centuries of living, Kaulder found a way to keep the dark witches from destroying humanity without having to kill them all by working in cooperation with the witches council to round up the trouble makers and lock them up instead of working against them.

Even though this partnership seems to have been in place for a long time, when he enters Chloe's night club for witches, the witches scatter and run in fear as though he were going to start randomly killing whoever he could catch. The portrayal of witches could have been a lot better, not only in that case but the fact that the witches were kind of ditzy and inept, except for Chloe. Why did the witch queen, the most powerful witch on earth, also have to be purely evil and ugly? When it seemed there are plenty of decent responsible witches such as the witches on the council, why is the most powerful witch an evil one?

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