Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fear the Walking Dead: Season One

This show started out slower than The Walking Dead because there wasn't that sense of urgency, confusion and terror that Rick's experience after waking up from his coma caused. When Fear the Walking Dead begins, we viewers are already seasoned pros and watch with confident knowledge of the what the future has in store for these people as the cast sits by cluelessly waiting for the government to solve this temporary inconvenience. By the season's end, the cast has been kicked in the face with the horrific reality that they're on their own in a cruel, bloodthirsty world.

At first, I didn't care for any of the characters in this show. They're either annoying and selfish or bossy know-it-alls. But a couple of them have grown on me in their ability to except and adapt to their drastically changed lives. As our marketing and advertising corporations are always drilling into us, the world is made for the young. Fear the Walking Dead also favors youth as the younger generation seems to be handling this upturned world much better and more logically than the adults. 

I'm thinking after all the adults are killed off Chris and Alicia repopulate the world in a new spin off of this spin off.

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