Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Boy (2016)

If you like horror movies that make you jump out of your skin at regular intervals, you won't like this movie. But if you like a creepy, strange movie with gothic settings in the present day with a surprise twist at the end, The Boy will fit the bill. 

I couldn't help but find a similarity to Dark Shadows as the movie opens with the newly hired nanny/governess (Lauren Cohan) traveling to a remote 19th century country estate to meet the family she is to work for. Once she arrives, she  meets the fussy lady of the house who addresses her as "Miss Evans." Miss Winters would have been even cooler, but Miss Evans is good too!

Miss Evans chuckles out loud to the dismay of her employers when she is introduced to her charge, who turns out to be a life-size doll of an 8 year old boy named Brahms. She's given a list of rules and a detailed schedule that she is sternly told to follow to the letter each day.

I won't spoil it, but it gets even weirder and creepier until the explosive twist at the end. Very different and very entertaining.

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