Monday, June 15, 2015

Wuthering Heights: 5 Pre-Burial Necessities

Although there are several deaths in the novel, Catherine Linton's death and funeral arrangements are the most detailed and allow us to learn a little about what a wealthy 19th century funeral was like. Here are five things required for a decent funeral:

1. Display the uncovered coffin in the drawing room, in case the deceased is not really dead. This    gives the recently deceased the ability to climb out of the coffin and avoid being buried alive.

2. Someone to sit with the body in case the deceased isn't really dead and regains consciousness. This type of body guard can watch for signs of life and give the recovering stiff some aid in either climbing out of the coffin or a glass of water, etc. They can also protect the body from vandalism or perverts.

3. Lots of flowers and potpourri to cover the stench of the rotting corpse.

4. Drapery around the face of the deceased. The wealth of the family probably determines how elaborate the drapery around the corpse and viewing room is displayed.

5. Adorn the corpse with a locket containing a lock of hair from a loved one.This way, a little piece of the loved one is with the deceased for eternity.

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