Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Re-Animator Made Me Live Again

I'm not sure this hilariously gory film is what Lovecraft had in mind when he wrote the story (Herbert West-Reanimator) this movie is based on, but who knows, maybe it is. After an unusually glum day at work I needed a pick me up and found this on my list for streaming at Netflix and hoped it would raise my spirits.

It did!

A lot of low budget horror movies were released in the 80s but I think I missed this one. It has the bloody gore and dark comedy that reminds me of the anything goes attitude of the 80s but found so rarely in recent decades. Back in the 80s, freedom and fun were bountiful before the push for celibacy in reaction to the AIDS epidemic, a nasty economic repression and the media's obsession with political correctness that turned the 90s and onward into a pit of repressive gloom and doom reflected in Grunge and Alternative Rock. Gone was the fun, in came the fear. 

Experiencing Re-Animator erased my mental numbness and brought me back to life!

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