Sunday, April 5, 2015

What We Do In the Shadows (Movie)

After seeing the trailer several months ago, I knew I had to see this movie. Every week I check the What We Do in the Shadows website and scroll through the list of theaters playing this movie and the future dates for other theaters, hoping to find one within reasonable traveling distance. I had almost given up hope of finding it playing locally and was considering a road trip for fear I would miss it altogether if I waited too long. As it turns out, I found the movie playing locally purely by accident when a movie listing in the newspaper caught my eye. Who reads newspapers anymore??

This particular theater is small and doesn't have stadium seating so I was sure to get there early to get a seat up front before, what would certainly be, a huge crowd competing for the good seats. I won't even go to a theater where I have to try to see the screen either scrunched down to see below someone's earlobe or stretched up like a giraffe to see over someone's fat skull. I don't pay good money to look at the back of someone's head. As I stood outside in the cold with my daughter waiting for them to unlock the doors, I couldn't believe there wasn't a line! FINALLY, ten minutes before showtime the doors unlocked and we were in! My daughter laughed at me for rushing to the front of the theater when we were the only ones there. She had not seen the trailer or visited the website; therefore, knew absolutely nothing about the movie. In fact, as we sat waiting for the blank screen to come alive she asked, "What's this movie about again?"

Surprisingly, only one other person entered the theater to watch this spectacularly hilarious movie. What We Do In the Shadows is so chock full of laughs that we never stopped laughing. We were still laughing about it when we got home. We were still laughing about it this morning. I can't wait to see it again! I can't wait to own it on DVD! This movie was all I had hoped for and more. I haven't had so much movie fun in years! It was everything that's missing in so many comedies these days; great wit, great fun and no farts.

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