Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Poltergeist (2015)

I was expecting this movie to suck, since remakes usually do, but this movie wasn't bad. I liked how they brought the family into the 21st century by using drones and cell phones to access the spirits and their plane of existence.  The parapsychologist was able to use GPS technology to track the family members throughout the house while updated imaging devices caught the various sights and sounds of the poltergeists.

The early paranormal experiences of the kids was really creepy before all hell broke loose and the poltergeists busted right into the house from all directions. Maybe it was because I already knew the story, but this movie didn't seem as intense or suspenseful as the original. The parents in the remake didn't seem quite as desperate or willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to rescue their little daughter from the violent spirits as in the original. Neither did they seem very earnest in their attempt to prevent their little boy from being the one to enter the portal to bring the little daughter home. 

The kids were ignored, not taken seriously and spoiled with material things that they couldn't afford while the parents were immature and self-involved. The movie ended in an attempt at humor as the parents, back to their immature behavior, rudely left a house while a real estate agent was in the process of showing it to them. Obviously, the experience with poltergeists that almost destroyed them and their family didn't humble their self-involvement a bit.

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