Friday, January 2, 2015

Ramones: Prelude to Goth

 No other music makes me want to just let loose, jump around and laugh and love like the music of the Ramones. No band makes me feel hopeful to one day be out from under the thumb of the oppressive rule of the establishment like the Ramones. To me, the Ramones are the true definition and leaders of punk rock and influential in the movement toward gothic rock. I was fortunate enough to see them perform at the former Rossalini’s in Pawcatuck, CT around 1981. Of course, it was a powerful kick ass show, and even though my friend and I were pretty buzzed, we managed to dance non-stop amongst the slam dancers and get out without any cuts, bruises or abrasions.

The Ramones music showed love and respect and compassion for those free thinkers who refuse to conform to the oppressive realm of society where free thinkers of past decades were threatened with lobotomies, shock treatments and in recent decades, pharmaceuticals. 

You know when you hear “1,2,3,4!” you’re free, free, free body and soul and nothing can stop you from joyfully being yourself for at least the length of a song.

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